What To Expect

Your Mortgage Loan Application Process

STAGE 1: Review Documents And Provide Intent To Proceed

Pre-Qualification To Application

  • Submit complete application
  • Review Initial Documents (email documents vs paper)
  • Ask questions if needed and opt in/out to e-documents and e-signatures.
  • Opt out requires mailing or office visit for signatures.
  • Open and Review electronic disclosures within 48 hours
  • Provide Intent to Proceed to your mortgage banker
  • Sign and Return required disclosures
  • Pay Appraisal Fee after Intent to Proceed is provided (if applicable)
  • Purchase Contract (purchase transactions)

STAGE 2: Gathering Essential Information

Document Income

  • 2 years w-2’s
  • 1 month current paystubs
  • 2 years tax returns including w-2’s, k-1’s and schedules

Document Assets

  • 2 months official bank statements
  • Most recent 401K or investment statement


  • Copy of front and back of earnest money check
  • Photo ID/Social Security Card
  • Homeowner’s Insurance/Contact Information

STAGE 3: Loan Submitted To The Processing Department

The Processing Department Will:

  • Review the application to make sure that it paints an accurate picture of your financial situation.
  • For refinances, you will receive a call to schedule your appraisal appointment. Your timeliness is important, as the appraisal completion date could impact your closing.
  • Order and gather third party documentation such as appraisal, title work, employment verification, etc. (documents vary based on loan product).
  • You may receive a phone call during this process requesting additional information and/or clarification.
  • Your prompt attention to the requests will keep you from experiencing a delayed closing.

STAGE 4: Loan Submitted To The Underwriting Department

The Underwriting Department Will:

  • Review and assess income, credit, assets and property
  • Render decision and conditions (where applicable)
  • You may receive a phone call during this process requesting additional information and/or clarification

STAGE 5: Clearing Conditions


  • Be prompt in providing any additional requested Information and/or documents.
  • Once all conditions are cleared the loan may be scheduled to close.

STAGE 6: Closing

  • Receive and acknowledge receipt of the Closing Disclosure the same day it is sent.
  • Closing Disclosures must be reviewed THREE business days prior to closing.
  • Failure to review the closing disclosure in a timely manner may result in a delayed closing.
  • Bring Government Issued ID for Proof of Identification
  • Obtain a cashier’s check or wire transfer for any funds required at closing.
  • Review and sign loan documents with your closing agent.


Tips To Ensure The Timeliness Of Your Mortgage Application:

Verify all documentation you provide is legible and complete. e.g. All pages of bank statements, paystub with employer name etc..

  • Be prompt and timely with providing requested documentation.
  • Provide a signed letter of explanation for derogatory credit and/or recent credit inquiries
  • Do not change employment. Avoid making large and/or cash deposits without proper documentation.
  • Do not incur new debt and/or increase existing debt.